Agreements, guidelines and fidelity that is agentic polyamorous relationships

Agreements, guidelines and fidelity that is agentic polyamorous relationships


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Drawing on information from 343 studies and 12 interviews collected as an element of a research that is large-scale on intimate relationships in the usa, this research examines agreements and guidelines within self-identified polyamorous relationships. Findings illustrate that polyamorists explicitly resist the master monogamous template through numerous intimate and psychological lovers although dedication continues to be salient within such relationships. Outcomes suggest that polyamorists do break the guidelines of these relationships although ‘cheating’ is certainly not a construct that is relevant such behavior. Although polyamory affords explicit rejection of intimate and psychological exclusivity, study and meeting information declare that by underscoring their capability for numerous loves, there stays a continued focus on psychological in place of intimate closeness. This article presents fidelity’ that is‘agentic which will be a specific type of dedication among polyamorists that relies upon severe self-knowledge and option exercised through the capacity to show requirements and boundaries.


We thank David John Frank, Francesca Cancian, Belinda Robnett, additionally the anonymous reviewers at Psychology & Sexuality because of their insights and helpful commentary.


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1. Polyamory joined the Oxford English Dictionary as being a noun understood to be, ‘The reality of experiencing simultaneous close relationships that are emotional a couple of other people, regarded as an option to monogamy, esp. in regard to things of intimate fidelity; the customized or training of participating in numerous intimate relationships aided by the knowledge and permission of all of the lovers worried (OED Online)’. Continue reading “Agreements, guidelines and fidelity that is agentic polyamorous relationships”