No, Thank You. (a grown-up Gay Dating Sim) |OT| Pass the butter.

No, Thank You. (a grown-up Gay Dating Sim) |OT| Pass the butter.

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Please browse the thread guidelines in the bottom regarding the OT before publishing, this will be significant so as to make sure this subject remains on program and inside the GAF instructions. Please be aware that any links into the OT, whilst not straight, might possibly result in NSFW material. Many thanks.

Also, please be conscious that this game contains product which may be upsetting for some players.

What exactly is No, Many Thanks?

No, Thank You. is an adult homosexual dating sim/visual novel for the PC manufactured by parade. No, Thank You. (NTY) may be the tale of a man that is young Haru. Well, that is what he is called, but it is perhaps perhaps maybe not their genuine title. To be honest, Haru is promoting instance of amnesia. It absolutely was the consequence of any sort of accident by which our protagonist spared a handsome older gentleman from being struck by way of a speeding automobile, however in most of the chaos Haru ended up being injured in which he destroyed their memory. Luckily the person Haru conserved, Kouichi Inui, is not just excessively appealing, but in addition extremely substantial. Kouichi takes shame on our the man that is young proposes setting him up having a work and a spot to keep while he recovers from their memory loss. Haru’s brand brand new destination of tasks are a jazz that is small owned by Mr. Inui called sГіtano. There, Haru will continue to work alongside a diverse group of handsome guys, seemingly disparate sans one typical interest, the secondary business to their dealings of sГіtano. “No, Thank You. (a grown-up Gay Dating Sim) |OT| Pass the butter.” の続きを読む